Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Southern California Conference Treasury Treasurer


Please click the name of the form you desire and the document will open in a separate window. Once open, you can print then complete the document. The forms in the Adventist Giving section may be completed on the computer prior to printing.

Adventist Giving
Church Enrollment Application - Must be sent to the Southern California Conference office first
Add/Change Information Form - Can be sent directly to Adventist Giving once the church is enrolled

Authorization for Direct Deposit of Payroll (Employee)
Adventist Retirement Plan Salary Reduction Agreement
Honorarium for SCC Employees - Report Form
2016 Parsonage Exclusion Report
- Only for Licensed and Credential Ministers
2017 Parsonage Exclusion Estimate - Only for Licensed and Credential Ministers

Accounts Receivable
Authorization for Automatic Payments (ACH Debit) - Church & School